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The Vineyard

Taking advantage of its south facing, well drained slopes, unique terroir and favorable micro climate; and in consultation with renowned Viticulturist Sam Baptiste (Wine Spectator October 2002), our estate vineyard was optimized to produce the best fruit in the area.  For our ultra premium Bordeaux blends we have secured the best vineyards in Osoyoos and in Oliver, BC.  These are located in ideal pockets of land where the soil and sun favours the nurturing of the most precious of fruits grown in the country.  With careful vineyard management, the harvest is consistently bountiful with grapes that surpass our high quality requirements every year.

The Winery

Our winery boasts some of the most advanced wine making equipment available in the market today. In spite of such high tech equipment, our winemaking team combine the benefits of these modern conveniences with old fashioned wine making techniques. The marriage of these painstaking, age-proven methods and modern technology and custom cooperage is the secret to our premium wines which is evident in the final “living liquid” produced.

We are also planning the construction of our new winery building which will house the only barrel cave in the Fraser Valley and state of the art facilities.

Stay tuned for our cave tours, and Bistro.


Blackwood Lane Vineyards & Winery • 25180 8th Ave • Langley • British Columbia • Tel (604) 856-5787


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