Wine Club


Our Club Membership Club Newsletter Accolade




"Bonus Vita et Bonus Amici"
(Good Life and Good Friends)





- Minimum purchase of $1,200 per year



- Exclusive invitations to our Winery Events, including educational, tasting seminars,

  and our exclusive barrel BBQ (featuring food cooked over barrel staves by a master

  BBQ chef, and live entertainment}

- Copy of our Blackwood Lane Grape Vine Magazine

- Two free preferred cave tours per year 

- Access to our reserve wines

- First call notification of all limited release wines

- 10% discount on our Gold Series Wines




It’s simple to join our Club. Just click on:




and complete the application form. One of our representative will contact you soon.


You must be at least 19 years old to join. Shippers are not allowed to leave packages without obtaining an adult signature. ID showing proof of age is required for delivery.



Blackwood Lane Vineyards & Winery • 25180 8th Ave • Langley • British Columbia • Tel (604) 856-5787


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